Conscious Coaching

Design your Life with steady presence, passion and bliss. Your true self is waiting for you. It starts now…

Conscious coaching is a guided process of deep self inquiry into becoming more conscious of your thoughts, practices and habits which are creating dis-ease in your physical, mental and emotional self. We will explore these patterns and your inner dialogue and give you powerful tools and practices to support your own journey of transformation towards greater contentment, balance and peace. You will learn to live more mindfully while cultivating balanced wellness in all aspects of mind, body and spirit.

IMG_3668There are 3 stages through which we will work together  – Detox, Re-Balance and Radical Self-Love. Whether you are looking to find greater work/life balance, improve mental and physical strength, tone and fitness, reduce stress and anxiety, improve your relationships, build your dream career, or fall in love with yourself again, we will work together to let go of old patterns, create healthier behaviors and thought processes while deepening your connection to self and spirit. Through talk therapy, guided exercises, practice and discussion, together we will co-create a customized lifestyle plan to support you with your own unique style, vision and purpose in this life.

Balance your energy levels and cultivate strength and clarity and find calm as you take the steps to a balanced, more expansive and vibrant YOU! If you are ready for change, let’s chat. I’d love to be your guide.

All Love ~ Kristen X

“I am responsible for what I see” and “I am affected only by my thoughts.” Behind all situations in the outer world, our thoughts determine our experience. Our real work is to see through the eyes of love, not fear.”

– From “A Deep Breath of Life” by Alan Cohen