Love Notes

Image: Lara Shea Photography

Image: Lara Shea Photography

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me on the retreat. I loved getting to know you and I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me one-on-one to support what was moving through me. As I said when I was down there, I felt as though I found my teacher. I really meant that and I am so happy I finally have you in my life! I loved the way you cued poses and transitions and your guided meditations were far better than most I’ve ever done. You made the week so much fun and it was exactly what I needed. I thank you for everything you do because when you’re being you, you make this world a better place. I’m forever grateful that our paths crossed in life, and I realize that it wasn’t a coincidence that I was drawn to your page on the Haramara Retreat website, it was a calling.” ~ Sabrina S. (yoga teacher, Ohio, USA)

“Kristen takes care to know her students, their stories, their bodies, and their experiences in yoga in order to offer the right balance of support and challenge, encouragement and openness, to guide growth, awakening, shaking off the old and stepping into our power. Kristen’s practices and teachings come from a genuine place of Love, and this in turn cultivates and inspires such amazing growth, joy, and Love in me from the inside out that extends beyond me to bring positive changes in my relationships and connections with others, most importantly, in my marriage.  I learn so much, I question, I smile, I dance, and I thrive through my studentship with Kristen.  I thank Kristen for her honesty, her vibrancy, and for leading the way in living one’s Truth and what it means to be Love. xx” ~ Meg A. (Canmore, AB)

“Kristen’s energetic spirit and gentle guidance generates an empowering space from which to create and fine-tune a strong foundation for my yoga practice.  Her light is ever-shining and inspiring and her teachings have enabled me to more fully connect with my inner peace and love. Forever grateful.” ~ Eileen P. (New Jersey)

“Kristen is one of the most generous energetic beautiful souls that I have known. I came to Canada last September in rough shape, even those crazy gorgeous mountains couldn’t get my heart to come out and play. We hiked and talked, and she helped me re-connect with the beauty of those surroundings-it was like therapy, only your Therapist is your best friend. Kristen led me thru some yoga and healing work, she got right down into the emotional black hole and helped me to loosen it’s grip. Even though our time together was only a few days, I’ve been able to keep from getting so blocked up again with the tools and support she gave me. I feel my inner Goddess more deeply and am lovin’ it! Can’t wait to come back and go deeper with her.”~ Susan S. (NY USA)

“Kristen has been a pivotal influence in the evolution of my yoga practice.  She is both inspirational and motivational.  I’ve been following her to different locales for years and hope to do so for years to come. “~ Mark C. (Canmore, AB/Maui, HI)

“Radical, Radiant, Intelligent, Truth. That’s how Kristen Stuart operates.” ~ Peter Jack Rainbird (the World)

“You have made such an impact in my life through your teaching, your actions and just the light and energy that you exude. It’s hard to put into words how much yoga has changed my life because I guess it’s as simple as that, it changed my life. You facilitated so much of my healing through your gentle character that you became so much more than a yoga teacher. I feel a special bond with you and just want to thank you so much for leading me down the path I’m on today.” ~ Breanne S. (Calgary, AB)

“A yoga practice led by Kristen is a journey for your mind, body and spirit.  I have appreciated her careful preparation for each class, its flow of purpose and her careful guidance to see every student as an individual, to help and challenge us all to achieve our own best practice in our own unique bodies.  Kristen’s enthusiasm and love of yoga transcends each practice leaving bodies more limber, minds restful and spirits positively charged.  Entering her class I relax and surrender the hour to her lead with confidence that I will be in a better place at its conclusion. Kristen’s classes are at a level of not many others.” ~ Karen C. (Canmore, AB)

” I team taught our annual 108 Sun Salutes Solstice Fundraiser with Kristen and was blown away by her ability, not only as a yoga teacher and coach, but as a community organizer. She has a way of inspiring greatness in others through her actions and with her words. I’d work with Kristen again in a heartbeat.” ~ Jon S. (Medicine Hat, AB)


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