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The Yogini Path: Journey for Women in Yoga - Fall Immersion

“A Yogini is a woman devoted to a life lived with totality of heart, with fierce truth, with compassion and unconditional love. She practices for her own radiant embodiment of awakening & love as well as for the healing of all sentient beings.”

October - January 2019/2020

The Yogini Path is a 108hr immersion into the practices, teachings and philosophy rooted in the ancient wisdom of yoga and earth medicine; infused with feminine embodiment and activated by the fire in your spirit. Through each session you will journey through your subtle body and deepen your knowledge with Vinyasa, Kundalini, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and Mantra.

Topics explored include the Yoga Sutras (feminine translation), the Chakras and subtle body, the sacred feminine principle of Shakti and Goddess Mythology, Ayurveda, the 5 Elements, Core Limiting Beliefs, women’s health and well-being. You will work with your subtle body and chakra system, understand your capacity to reprogram limiting beliefs, explore and elevate consciousness and understand your true nature more fully.

The Yogini Path is a path of study and transformation designed for yoga teachers and women who wish to dive deeper on their path of yoga, self-study and reclamation. It is a journey of connection to your innermost self, to reclaim power, voice, strength and sovereignty. You will refine your asana, pranayama and meditation practice while (re)defining your spirituality in a way that feels practical, anchored and harmonious. Each monthly module will guide you through ancient teachings and practices in yoga, chakra theory, and earth medicine to build strength and resilience in mind and body while clearing the debris of old ways of being that are no longer serving.

The Yogini Path is a journey home to your power, your light and the woman you came here to BE.

Fall 2019 Dates:

Oct 19-20 | Nov 23-24 | Dec 14-15 | Jan 18-19th in Canmore, AB

Investment: $1880 + GST. A $500 non-refundable deposit secures your spot. *Payment plans are available.

Pre-requisite: 6 months of dedicated yoga practice. Please email to apply.

*RISE UP YOGINI PATH Retreat June 11-14th, 2020

4 Days and 3 Nights of luxury lodging, gourmet meals, twice daily yoga and meditation, a dance party, sponsor gift bags, and program facilitation designed to illuminate + activate the feminine power within.

Investment: $1100 + GST. Optional Add-on. The RISE UP RETREAT is open to all those who have completed The Yogini Path Program.


“I have done both personal coaching and the Yogini Path with Kristen Stuart. Through her guidance, her willingness to be open, authentic and raw she created a space safe enough, for me to peel away layers of myself I hadn't dared to look beneath.  What I found needed supporting and that support was given. The Yogini Path is an amazing way to discover yourself in the support of other women. There is a beauty and strength that grew within the group, allowing each of us to be held by the other. Together we can get through so much more than we can alone, and this beautiful path will offer more than you can possibly imagine. To give yourself this gift of self discovery in the support of other women through the practices of yoga and meditation is an awakening! “

- Brenda, Yoga Teacher

“The Yogini Path is a gift to the soul. Kristen’s practice and guidance nurtures body, mind and spirit. The experience has deepened my appreciation for yoga and my self and it has helped me navigate the twists and turns of life with a greater steadiness, trust and grace. I highly recommend this offering.”

-Holly, Corporate Law

“Kristen has an incredible ability to intuitively read the needs of those she teaches - she offers support, relatable stories & deep wisdom throughout the Yogini Path that enable those in her presence to heal in ways they did not even know they needed to… or could.  This is enhanced by her facilitation of insightful & thought provoking discussion within safe & deeply connecting sharing circles, thoughtful writing exercises, powerful intention setting & delivery of poetic ‘body mind & spirit opening’ + uniting yoga & meditation practices. I highly recommend taking the leap towards getting to know yourself better inside & out embarking on Kristen’s Yogini Path journey – it is an experience that every woman should have the opportunity to take, & one that will leave you deeply connected to a powerful group of women of all ages & backgrounds offering a solid support network from which you can continue to share & grow together.”

- Jess, Stoked Life Coach + Yoga Teacher

Earlier Event: September 27
Later Event: October 20