Image: Lara Shea Photography

When asked ‘Who AM I’ the answer that comes to mind, is that I am human. And in the wildness and perfectly imperfect beauty of this existence I am blessed to have roles as a wife, sister, aunt, daughter, yoga teacher and mentor. Through my experiences thus far I have always felt ignited when I see people step towards their passion, purpose and powerful presence in this life. My teaching is informed by my background and studies as a personal trainer, ACMG hiking guide, yoga and meditation teacher. It is through my studentship and more significantly through my human fumblings that I have witnessed, learned from and steeped in the timeless potency of our ancient teachings and their application for modern day living. Infusing the wisdom of yoga, mindfulness, and conscious living practices into my teaching I aim to challenge my students and clients towards greater consciousness and connection on the mat, in their hearts and in their lives.

As a Registered Yoga Teacher, I instruct vinyasa and hatha yoga with a focus on artful alignment and creative sequencing and an intention to always keep it relevant, reverent and real for the times we are living in. My journey with yoga began over a decade ago and has been a constant source of illumination – expanding my edges, lighting up my shadow and offering radical transformation breath by breath. My intention and commitment to the practice, my students and teachers is to hold this same sacred space and light as a beacon for others to awaken to their own radiant selves.

In bringing together the teachings of yoga and ancient healing practices as a coach and mentor, I co-create with clients to style their lives towards greater balance, authenticity and bliss. Drawing on my  own journey and experiences I have found that life tastes a whole lot sweeter when we can tap into our innate capacity to love and courageously step into the power of our truth. More recently I have expanded my studies into yoga psychology as a way to deepen my understanding of this wildly, beautiful and complex human existence and the capacity we have to consciously shift our beliefs and patterns towards greater self-love.

I believe in the profound healing that comes from blending movement and mindfulness practices with time spent in nature. The mountain environment has always facilitated potent space for my own personal inquiry and self-study.  I have had the opportunity to study with indigenous elders, and am inspired to share retreats and workshop programs that offer a portal through which others can experience the powerful connection and remembrance that occurs when we unplug from this modern world, and instead plug into that which is always real and perhaps our greatest teachers – sacred adventures on the Earth and in our own heart.

With my home in the heart of the Canadian Rockies based in Canmore, AB,  I continue to be inspired by the power, flow and spirit of nature. In my spare time I can be found in high alpine places climbing, skiing, playing and praying. It is in the wild open sacred spaces of this world where I find my own heart and soul stoking up, offering remembrance of my connection back to Source, always guiding me where I need to go and never leaving me where I was.

With deep gratitude to my husband Mike, Ally Bogard, Elena Brower, Devinder Kaur, and all the other light-workers who have shared their wisdom and guidance along my path with humility and grace. May we all continue to nourish our roots, celebrate our light and strengthen this circle of Love and consciousness in all ways.

Wild Love,

Kristen xo