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The Art of Teaching

Yoga Teacher Development Program

Have you completed your 200 hour teacher training and are wondering “Where do I go Now”? You may already have been teaching for a while and have found yourself at a crossroads questioning your path, seeking new inspiration and accountability and/or are ready to take your teaching to the next level. The path of the teacher is one that requires all of you to show up. You will see your light, your shadow, your vulnerability and question your readiness again and again while each step forward on the path taps you in to your authentic Self. This heart-centered Teacher Development Program combines practical teaching tools, body-mind science, yoga philosophy and individual attention to support your growth and expansion as a yoga teacher. Designed for 200-hr Certified Yoga Teachers, we explore the Art of Teaching with a hands-on, hearts-in and results-oriented approach.

True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross. Then having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse encouraging them to build their own.
— Nikos Kazontzakis

As a collective of teachers you will deepen your connection to your teaching and yoga community, gain insight to your growing edge, and empower your own unique gifts as a teacher. In this program you will develop specific goals for your mentorship to suit your needs, advance your teaching skills through one-on-one work, participate in self and peer review and gain plenty of practical experience applying your teaching skills in a classroom setting.

Expand your knowledge, gain confidence and refine your presence. Build your teaching resume and (re)inspire your passion and purpose. Walk the path of the teacher with confidence, steadiness and grace. Your unique gifts are a powerful offering to heal, awaken and hold others in their highest light.


  • Teacher Skills Workshops
  • Self-Care/Energy Management Workshop for Teachers/Practitioners
  • The Art and Business of Yoga 2-Day Workshop
  • The opportunity to assist at events and retreats
  • The opportunity for continued mentorship post-graduation


Energetic Assists+Adjustments:: Touch is a potent transmission of energy and intention. As a teacher you have the opportunity to enhance your students’ practice and experience while building trust and relationship. A full array of poses (standing, seated, twists, backbends, inversions, restorative) will be explored with hands-on practice time to implement various methods and support systems. You will learn techniques to offer supportive and skillful assists that take your students to the next level in their practice.

Class Design – Alignment+Sequencing:: Set the foundation for your class and learn the science and art of skillful class design. Explore powerful sequencing that brings coherence and success to your students in their practice. We will explore applied anatomy, alignment and the energetics of postures in order to layer and build towards a peak pose or concept. You will create new full class sequences and several mini-practice sequences to expand upon. Includes discussion on therapeutics and yoga injury prevention.

Creation Station::Themes+Inspiration :: Amplify the potency of your classes with fresh, creative themes for your students. An inspired practice holds the capacity for great shift and you will learn to guide your students to a greater depth in their practice physically and energetically. Align asana with philosophy, relevant experiences and daily inspirations as you share your dharma and passion as a teacher.

The Power of Voice + Effective Cues:: Your voice and words are very powerful tools as a teacher. Learn how to speak to your students’ bodies, minds and hearts to foster receptivity and embodiment. This session includes discussion and exploration into subtle body anatomy. In this session you will enrich your language, get out of script or repetition and tap into your own authentic voice and style as a teacher.

Energy Management + Self-Care for Teachers/Practitioners/Business Owners :: Holding steady, sacred space for your students requires diligence in managing your energy and committing to self-care practices and routines. Develop awareness and attunement to the energy you hold and how to stay full while cleaning and clearing the emotional and energetic baggage students unconsciously transmit and leave behind. Learn tools and practices to prevent burnout and how to establish healthy boundaries to maintain your capacity to teach with strength, clarity and heart-based resonance.

The Business of Yoga:: Create your own unique brand; learn how to carve out your niche, market effectively and economically, and grow a successful business. We will explore marketing tips and tools, building a brand and portfolios and strategic management and goalsetting. We will also discuss ways to avoid common pitfalls and to surmount typical challenges yoga teachers encounter. *This workshop includes a special guest lecture with my business coach on strategy, design and implementation.


Note: For those coming from out of town, arrangements can be made for you to complete your teaching practicum and some of your labs/homework in your community while utilizing online resources for attending my classes (YOGO.TV).

2017 Dates

  • January 6-8
  • February 17-19
  • April 7-9

Sessions will be hosted in Canmore from 8 am - 6 pm daily.


Tuition:  $1500+gst **payment plans are available. Contact Kristen for more information and to register at . Upon registration you will receive required reading list and an outline of pre-course homework to be completed. A $300 deposit reserves your spot. Group size is limited to maintain intimate learning space and to ensure students receive individual attention.

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